This is the documentation for Donorfide 3.0, which is in alpha.


Install Donorfide for your platform

Download Donorfide


This is pre-release software. Stability is not guaranteed. In addition, API endpoints may break or change. For more information, see the semantic versioning specification.

Other distributions

The only officially supported distributions are the ones above. These distributions do not meet the stability guarantees that the above distributions do.

Operating system Architecture Go Runtime File
macOS amd64 darwin/amd64 donorfide_darwin_amd64
macOS arm64 darwin/arm64 donorfide_darwin_arm64
FreeBSD 386 freebsd/386 donorfide_freebsd_386
FreeBSD amd64 freebsd/amd64 donorfide_freebsd_amd64
FreeBSD arm freebsd/arm donorfide_freebsd_arm
NetBSD 386 netbsd/386 donorfide_netbsd_386
NetBSD amd64 netbsd/amd64 donorfide_netbsd_amd64
NetBSD arm netbsd/arm donorfide_netbsd_arm
OpenBSD 386 openbsd/386 donorfide_openbsd_386
OpenBSD amd64 openbsd/amd64 donorfide_openbsd_amd64
OpenBSD arm openbsd/arm donorfide_openbsd_arm
Linux 386 linux/386 donorfide_linux_386
Linux amd64 linux/amd64 donorfide_linux_amd64
Linux arm64 linux/arm64 donorfide_linux_arm64
Linux ppc64 linux/ppc64 donorfide_linux_ppc64
Linux ppc64le linux/ppc64le donorfide_linux_ppc64le
Linux mips linux/mips donorfide_linux_mips
Linux mipsle linux/mipsle donorfide_linux_mipsle
Linux mips64 linux/mips64 donorfide_linux_mips64
Linux mips64le linux/mips64le donorfide_linux_mips64le
Windows 386 windows/386 donorfide_windows_386.exe
Windows amd64 windows/amd64 donorfide_windows_amd64.exe
Solaris amd64 solaris/amd64 donorfide_solaris_amd64
Plan9 386 plan9/386 donorfide_plan9_386
Plan9 amd64 plan9/amd64 donorfide_plan9_amd64
Dragonfly amd64 dragonfly/amd64 donorfide_dragonfly_amd64