This is the documentation for Donorfide 3.0, which is in alpha.

Do more good.

Focus on doing what your nonprofit does best, not processing payments.

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Donorfide is an open-source, online payment processing and donor management platform that allows your nonprofit to process donations easily, so you can focus on doing good.

Process payments

Accept payments of any kind.

Donorfide supports credit and debit cards, digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay, ACH transfers, wires, and even checks.

Collect and collect and collect

Process recurring donations.

Donorfide supports monthly, yearly, or even weekly donations! That means that you and your donors don't even need to think about recurring donations. We also make it super easy for you or your donors to cancel recurring donations, because we know how important it is to have financial flexability.

Contact donors with ease

And never be locked in.

Export a list of donors to CSV, or automatically add them to a mailing list with MailChimp, so you can always get in touch with your supporters, and as a bonus, you're never locked into Donorfide. You can always move to another platform if you need to.

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